Bakery Consultant Bob Parker

Efficient, profitable baking is not just a question of having the right equipment for the job - it is also knowing how to use it efficiently.



Offers a tailor-made service to customers on product and process.

Oven & Process Optimisation

To get the best out of your equipment and improve efficiency of ovens. Oven profiling for improved utilisation of heat to achieve required product resulting in less product weight loss, and more efficient use of fuel and reducing emissions.

New Product Development

On-site R & D for new products. Working with customers to use existing equipment where possible, or source ingredients and equipment where needed.


Can be available at short notice to travel anywhere in the world to address problems with product and process.


On-Site training courses to help companies and their employees make the best use of their facilities to gain optimum product and profit. The training programmes are available either as refresher courses for customerís existing personnel, or induction courses for newly recruited line operators, maintenance engineers, technical and managerial staff. Subjects cover the range of baking processes, ingredient selection, mixing, forming, baking, drying and cooling.